By the great mercy of the Most High God, on , the blessed fire descended on the Edicule of the Church of the Resurrection of the Lord in Jerusalem. Thousands of people were waiting for this miracle, which takes place every year on Holy Saturday. As soon as the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilus ӀӀӀ receives the fire, he comes out of the Edicule and distributes it to all believers. Among them are the sisters of the Russian monasteries in Jerusalem. As soon as they receive the fire, they rush to their monasteries to convey God’s blessing to all the sisters.

On the Mount of Olives, with the ringing of the “Russian Candle” (the Belfry of the Mount of Olives Convent), Sister Lyubov hastily returned by taxi to the monastery with the Holy Fire, which was received by the head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission, Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky) and the abbess of the monastery, Abbess Barbara (Novikova). With the words “Receive light from the Light that does not set,” Fr. Roman lit the sisters’ candles and entered the church singing “Your Resurrection, O Christ the Savior!”



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