On September 20, 2020, on the eve of the feast of the Birth of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, the head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky), celebrated the all-night vigil at the Gethsemane convent of St. Mary Magdalene. The Head of the Mission was joined by the Mission clerics: Hieromonk Misail (Minin), Hieromonk Theodore (Kirike) and Deacon Vyacheslav Batalsky.

On the very day of the feast, after the greeting of the head of the Mission, Archimandrite Roman led the Divine Liturgy with the brethren of the Mission, Hieromonk Misail, Priest Roman Gultyaev and Deacon Vyacheslav. Abbess Elisabeth (Smelic) and the sisters of the Convent prayed during the service. All the sisters sang congregationally in the middle of the church from the Hymn of the Cherubim to Holy Communion under the direction of rassaphore nun Joanna.

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