On the afternoon of October 11, Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl, the vicar of the Kiev-Caves Lavra, visited the Holy Ascension Monastery on Olivet as part of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission, Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky) and the abbess of the convent, Matushka Barbara (Novikova), met Vladyka Pavel with accompanying pilgrims at the entrance of the Holy Ascension Church. The Metropolitan venerated the holy relics of the church and served a litany for the dead at the grave of the builder of Russian Palestine, Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin).

Fr. Roman assured Vladyka Paul of daily prayers for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which are recited at daily services.

The Metropolitan is a longtime friend and benefactor of the monastery. Upon visiting the chapel of the Finding of the Head of St. John the Baptist, Vl. Pavel visited and prayed at the graves of the recently deceased abbess Moiseia and the nuns Rafaila and Isidora.

Then the metropolitan was offered tea in the abbess’ chambers.


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