From the territory of the Ascension Monastery on the Mount of Olives, the view opens onto another holy mountain – Mount Zion, where the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles.

The festive service was solemnly served on Saturday evening and Sunday in all the churches of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission. In the Convent of the Mount of Olives, the head of the Mission, Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky), headed the service. The clergy of the monastery serving with him were: Archimandrite Vasily (Druzhinets), Hegumen Iona (Galishnikov) and Deacon Vyacheslav (Batalsky).

According to tradition, after the Divine Liturgy, Holy Vespers was served with the recitation of kneeling prayers. Kneeling, Abbess Varvara (Novikova) with her sisters and a small number of pilgrims kneeling, reverently listened to the prayers written by Saint Basil the Great.

Праздник Пресвятой Троицы. Елеон.