St. Pelagia led a sinful life. On hearing the exhortations of the bishop of Heliopolis, St. Nonnus she understood the spiritual dangers of the life she was leading and was baptised. She soon departed to Jerusalem where she led a life, disguised as a monk, on the Mount of Olives. After four years of spiritual struggle, she reposed in the Lord having obtained great spiritual authority.

Память преподобной Пелагии Елеонской

St. Pelagia’s cave and tomb are around the corner from the Russian Convent of our Lord’s Ascension. After Divine Liturgy the clergy and sisters of the convent go to the tomb and serve a Moleben. This year the sisterhood was especially blessed with the presence of Metropolitan Mark of Berlin and Germany at the service. The cleric of the Mission, Fr. Iona (Galishnikov) served the Moleben.

Afterwards everybody was invited by Fr. Achillios of the nearby Greek Orthodox onastery for coffee.


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