On the second day of the feast of the Epiphany, the Holy Church especially glorifies the baptiser of the Lord, St. John the Forerunner. 

In the church of the «Finding the head of St. John the Baptist» which is located in the Mount of Olives Convent, the service in honor of the Baptist was served.

The confessor of the monastery, Fr. Archimandrite Vasily (Druzhinets) served along with Deacon Vyacheslav (Batalsky). 

At Vespers, the great prokeimenon was proclaimed: «Our God is in heaven and on earth; whatever the Lord pleased, that hath He done». 

The Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the morning in the presence of the abbess of the monastery, Abbess Barbara (Novikova). The abbot of the neighboring Greek monastery of the Ascension of the Lord, Fr. Achillios along with his nuns, also prayed at the service. At the end of the Liturgy, Deacon Vyacheslav delivered an edifying sermon.



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