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Children's Liturgy on Bright Saturday

On May 11, Bright Saturday, the traditional open-air Easter children's Liturgy was held at the Monastery of the Equal to the Apostles St. Mary Magdalene in Gethsemane. The service was performed by Priest Roman Gultyaev, a cleric of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission of the ROCOR, on the alter installed over the ancient road along which the Lord headed to Jerusalem on a donkey before his suffering.

The children's choir was led by Maria Zavoloka, a graduate of the choir school class at the Faculty of Church Singing of PSTGU, and next to her the girls, with their pure childish voices sang, giving joy to all those praying. The small boys served as altarboys and read the Prokeimenon and the Apostle. Their parents helped in organizing the Liturgy. It is important that during the children's Liturgy, children and adults practically comprehend the meaning of the word Liturgy - “common service to God.”

At the end of the Easter procession, Mother Superior Elisabeth (Smelic) blessed all those gathered. After which everyone was invited to a festive meal and an Easter children's party.