On Wednesday evening of bright week, the Archbishop of Sebastia, of the Greek Patriarchate, Theodosius (Atallah Hannah), visited the Holy Ascension Convent to pray at the graves of the recently reposed sisters.

Vladyka Theodosius, himself of Palestinian origin, was personally acquainted with the late abbess of the monastery, mother Moisseia and with the other late sisters who were also of Arab origin – mother Raphaela, mother Christina and s. Rufina. The head of the REM, Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky), met Saidna (vladyka in Arabic) Theodosius at the church where Vladyka vested and served the memorial litiya at the grave of Mother Moisseia, which is located behind the main church of the monastery.

Following the prayer, Vl. Theodosius went to the monastery cemetery where he visited the graves of the monastic sisters. Then the abbess of the monastery, Mother Varvara (Novikova), offered Vladyka tea in the abbess’s chambers.

Archbishop Theodosius prayed at Paschal Vespers and departed.


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